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Sales and Systems Design Support
Project Management

Sales...having and expert sales person ( or your own CTO) on your team when you need one to help your company land the next projector or to expand your current  job opportunities can be an important asset to have available  for: construction meeting, a technical meeting or a development can have an experienced  systems sales engineer help you win a low voltage contract that may be available. We can  provide all  the necessary tools, information, budget and specifications to help you create a sucessful quote.

Having a sales expert that is part of your team, will  give you and your clients the knowledge and confidence in knowing that your company has it's own low voltage communications department and  the technical talent on board

to get the job done right!

Project management is an art form. A good project manager keeps your project running on schedule, keeps your project on budget and delivers your project compleated on time. Our  technical PMs can assist in coordining your team so it meets  low voltage voltage system needs and requirements. coordinates & communicatates to you, the GM and the Architect when needed.


An engineered AV Communications plan/CAD can also be supplied to you, the architect and GM. We can work with your engineering dept on the plans or we can develop a plan. Some projects can be  as-built and consulting and advising can be done real-time in the field. It all depends on the scale of the project and your needs.


Some projects like schools and universities my have developed low voltage plans already. All you need is the equipment and technical talent to complete the project and we can  supply this for you.

Discounted Equipment

Equipment percurement  is essential,  timely delivery is a must and relavent logistics can save time, but the most important information the equipment correct for the application.  And will it bring true value to you and your client.


Having the correct information is a must and will recommend the correct equipment based on application, product life span, ease of use, functionality, features, programming  and value to the project.


Having this knowledge is key to having systems that function properly,  having a  appreciative  client and making a solid return on your companies purchasing investment. AVC was created with these important factors in mind for your business.


We can Terminate and Test  your low voltage system project.


After all the cables have been pulled, the racks have been  loaded and the output devices installed, they need to be connected-up /terminated. Plugs, connectors  and panels along with cable pulls have to be tested for continuity and connectivity. We  can provide this as a service.


Testing each component in the system and the system as a group or as an intgrated function is part of our proceedure.


The Project Commissioning process comprises of an integrated application of engineering techniques and procedures to check, inspect and test every operational component of the project, from individual functions, such as instruments and equipment, up to complex amalgamations such as modules, subsystems and systems. Commissioning is the fianal stage where we can adjust and balance all systems, preform system run-throughs and deliver a working  project for you company.



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